DeepSky Instruments RC14C 14.625” Ritchey-Chretien Astrograph

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Fox Fur Neb - Color and Ha Thumbnail Foxfur-Cone 285min Thumbnail copy

The ‘Fox Fur’ and ‘Cone’ Nebula. Designated as NGC 2264, it is a collection of gas and dust at an approximate 2,700 light years distant. The two version shown here are the Hydrogen Alpha version, and a color version showing the Hydrogen Alpha data blended with RGB data.


IC405 or “The Flaming Star”. This is a very aesthetic, and very faint Nebula in the constellation Auriga. It lies approximately 1,500 light years from us. This image is a combination of Luminance, Halpha, Red, Green, and Blue filtered images.

M33 Rc14C LRGB Thunbnail
M1 Ha(R) G B ThumbNail
NGC7635 HA 750min ThumbNail1

Spiral Galaxy M33 in the constellation Triangulum. Also designated NGC 598, this large appearing galaxy resides 3,000,000 light years from us. This image is a composition of 135 minutes Luminance, 105 minutes Hydrogen Alpha, 120 minutes Red, 120 minutes green, and 105 minutes of blue data. Multiple passes of deconvolution sharpening were performed on the luminance data to enhance the subtle details while processing. Click here for a toned down version, with less saturation in the Hydrogen Alpha data and enhanced sharpening in the blue channel.

M1 - The Crab Nebula in the constellation Taurus. M1 is the remnant of a supernova, reportedly observed by Chinese astronomers in the year 1054 A.D. Searching the web will present differing views of this nebula, with processing performed to enhance various color and structure. This view was kept relatively ‘natural’ in appearance, with the exception of adding Ha filtered data to the red channel. Image date was acquired over a few nights, comprised of 180 minutes of Ha data, 135 minutes of blue, 210 minutes of green, and 210 minutes of red.

NGC 7331 and the Deerlick Group of galaxies in Pegasus. This richlt detailed spiral galaxy resides at an estimated 49 Million light years away. The name ‘Deerlick Group’ was reputedly to have been given this unique name as commemoration to it’s being observed during one of the finest nights of viewing from Deer Lick Gap, NC.

Here’s a closer view of it’s core showing more detail.

NGC 7635 - The Bubble Nebula. The ‘cosmic bubble’ that is 10 light years in diameter. A wonderful target using a hydrogen alpha filter, taken during near full moon conditions.

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